Biodiversity Finance Valencia September 16-17  2024

What and Where ?

FFEA, in collaboration with International Review of Economics and Finance, will host a symposium on this area in September 2024, at the University of Valencia.

A special issue of the Journal will issue from papers presented at this symposium. This will be Guest Edited by Professor Mark Hutchinson, Cork University Business School.


  • Papers or proposals for the symposium should be uploaded via the following site:
  • You will  need to register and validate the registration prior to submission. 
  • Closing date for submissions to the symposium is July 1 2024.
  • The symposium will be in person only.
  • We hope to be able to offer a no charge event.  


Biodiversity loss is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet. This is closely linked to several of the United Nations' sustainable development goals. There has long been a body of literature on how to finance biodiversity and nature restoration projects, on how to craft incentives for corporates to address their biodiversity impact and how to structure international and national policies and regulations around finance to take biodiversity loss into account. However, to date research has been sparse on the operation and pathways of corporate biodiversity risk, both for real and financial corporations business models. 

There is now a growing body of research indicating that not only are there indirect risks but also direct risks for the financial sector. Both academic research and regulatory research are now beginning to recognize and quantify these risks and to address these linkages. We hope to advance this field via the symposium and the Special Issue.


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