Guidelines for Shark Tank Event at  Elsevier Finance Conference


Professor Robert Faff (Bond University) will co-ordinate and lead a SHARK TANK stream at this conference. The SHARK TANK will target HIGH QUALITY seasoned papers presented at the conference, to go through a fast-tracked review at a participating scholarly journal, based on a carefully designed process described below.



STEP 1: At the time of submission, authors must explicitly nominate for the SHARK TANK event by selecting the appropriate option during the submission process.

STEP 2: In early August 2023, a subset of the STEP 1 authors accepted into the conference program will be invited to participate in the Shark Tank event.[2]

STEP 3: To be eligible for the SHARK TANK, those STEP 2 authors accepting the SHARK TANK invitation, must create and submit a 1,000-word written pitch by Monday 28th Augustfollowing the instructions outlined below.

STEP 4: SHARK TANK presenters will be required to carefully design a PPT slide deck faithful to their structured written pitch – these PPTs will form the basis of their SHARK TANK oral pitch during the conference.  They should aim to have slide content that can be covered in a presentation lasting no more than 10 minutes.



STEP 5: SHARK TANK presentations will be scheduled within a dedicated stream of the conference program. Oral pitches are to be primarily directed to the shark panel, in an open forum of approximately 30 minutes for each paper. Each oral pitch will be followed by Q&A led by the keenest editors (and from the audience, time permitting), the sharks will offer a “green light” or “orange light” or a “red light” decision.



STEP 6: Ultimately, subject to receiving and accepting an offer from one of the shark editors, author teams commit to a “Revise and Resubmit” process at the “winning” shark’s journal.[3]


SHARK TANK PITCH Submission Process

  1. Using the pitching framework and advice given in Faff (2021, “Pitching Research”, SSRN:, create a reverse-engineered pitch of your conference paper.[4]
  2. All written pitch submissions for the South American Elsevier Conference 2023 SHARK TANK must be emailed directly to:, by the due date.


Further Enquiries

For any clarifications/queries regarding this SHARK TANK event, please email Professor Faff directly:


[1] Participating Shark Tank journals are: ….Pacific-Basin Finance Journal ….

[2] Those papers failing to make the SHARK TANK “cut” will revert to the normal conference program.

[3] The post-conference review process is fully defined and fully controlled by the Editor in question. That said, for each SHARK TANK paper, a pre-conference written review will be sourced for the mutual benefit of all interested sharks (with the ex-ante express permission of the reviewer). Such reports, combined with the meaningful feedback received at the conference during the Shark Tank event; would likely constitute the “backbone” of a referee’s report for an “R&R” decision – thereby fast-tracking the review process. While the review process will be streamlined and fair, there can be no guarantees on ultimate acceptance of the paper at the given shark’s journal.

[4] IMPORTANT NOTE: for the final part of the pitching framework, “Other Considerations”, please answer this by simply highlighting your paper’s three “signature” findings.