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Conference on International Finance, Climate Finance and Growth



We welcome all papers and workshops in the broad fields of International, Climate and Green finance, welcoming in particular their interactions with each other and how they can aid the sustainable growth of economies, corporations and organizations. Material covered in the "Green Swan" book from the BIS is of direct interest.

An indicative but not exhaustive set of topics include the following, but please feel free to contact us for further information and clarification. 

  • International Financial Integration
  • Financial and Economic Uncertainty
  • International Financial Regulation
  • Green Finance
  • Carbon Finance
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Climate Finance
  • Modelling international capital flows
  • Modelling financial and economic integration and interrelationships
  • Artificial Intelligence applications in financial and economic analysis
  • Machine learning applications in financial and economic analysis
  • Climate, green and carbon finance modelling challenges
  • Financial Stability and Green/Climate/Sustainable Finance
  • Central Banking and Green/Climate/Sustainable Finance
  • Climate and Green Financial Stress Testing
  • Risk Management and Green/Sustainable/Climate finance challenges.
  • International Financial Regulation and Green/Sustainable/Climate finance challenges.
  • Cryptocurrency and Digital Finance interactions with Green/Sustainable/Climate finance
  • Contagion., spillovers and interlinkages among green/climate/sustainable financial instruments and other assets
  • Green/Sustainable/Climate assets and portfolio allocation




Papers and extended abstracts, as well as proposals for workshops and panel discussions, should be submitted by 13 FEB 2022 (Extended date)  .  

Decisions will be provided by Mid April.